Federal Income Tax Medical Expense Deductions for 2012

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So having medical expenses exceeding 7.5% of your AGI may seem like a fairly large number, but that’s not as simple as it is. You get to include you, your spouse, and your dependent in the medical expenses as well. Not to mention all that it takes to exceed 7.5% of your AGI may be one single trip to the hospital. 

 For a spouse, you must be legally married at the time the medical expense was incurred and you are the person paying for it. You can also deduct any medical expenses that you paid for a qualifying dependent. People often try to claim expenses as being medically relevant that the IRS just doesn’t want to hear about.

These are things like swimming pools and generally you will be denied. As with most things, there might be some sort of exception based on a unique medical condition, but this will require homework.

Claiming federal income tax medical expense deductions is easy to do. One great place to check out for legitimate information from real life tax filers and tax professionals is TurboTax. In case you didn’t know, it would be wise to mention that these expenses will be reported on schedule A of the 1040 form.

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