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Energy Tax Credits are still out there for those who made the leap to energy efficient appliances. In the beginning of that tax program there were more available than there are now.Energy Tax Credits

You could get a credit worth 10% of the cost of: HVAC (air conditioning and furnaces), Windows and Doors, Roofs, Water Heaters, Insulation, and Biomass stoves. (just remember to add the words “energy-efficient” in front of those things however).  The appliances need to be energy star approved for them to qualify for an energy tax credit.

All of those credits disappeared in 2012 and the new list of energy credits is set to include bigger items, such as:

  • Geothermal heat pumps (for both principal and secondary homes)
  • Solar energy systems (for both principal and secondary homes) Small wind turbines (for both principal and secondary homes)
  • Fuel cells (an upper limit of $500 for principal homes only)
  • The credit can be worth up to 30% of the cost of  and there is no upper limit besides the noted fuel cells.

These energy tax credits expire in December 2016.

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